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This is LXF

Why League of Xtraordinary Fitness?

At LXF our goal is to enable you to perform at your best. We introduce you to full-body, functional movements in a safe and systematic manner. Our professional coaching staff is always with you to ensure perfect technique and to enhance your personal performance.

How We Help You Achieve Optimal Health

League of Xtraordinary Fitness coaches are certified individuals with a lifelong dedication to health and wellness. Through an individual assessment of your nutrition, strengths/weaknesses, fitness, and stress management strategies, we implement the best plan for you to reach your goals. Whether you are a couch potato, a professional athlete or somewhere in-between, we will support you in becoming the best version of yourself!

Meet Our Coaches


“I am building on the successes! I feel better in my clothes, I feel better during workouts and I know my body is working better.”

Wendi C

“When I started CrossFit I was out of shape and needed a change. Within months of starting I saw changes to my body and improved strength – I learned I was able to do things I didn’t know I was capable of. My breakthrough came after working on my nutrition. Finding out I needed to eat MORE to get my body to perform at its potential was eye opening. Joining CrossFit and following the right nutrition changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful to the coaches that have guided me!”

Jess B

“I have trained with Matt on/off for years always coming back to him after using standard competition program or others personalized program. I come back to him for his scientific approach, his willingness to work on my goals, encouragement and constant growing knowledge base. I have seen gains over the last 6 months with him that I didn’t see in the last 2 and half years.”

Sam G

“Just showing up every day, I’ve made a lot of attempts at getting fit and trying to lose weight but I haven’t been able to consistently be focused and disciplined in any one of them except for CrossFit. Everything about the Proven family makes it so easy to come back every day. The other members are always welcoming and eager to help. You’re surrounded by people who are dedicated to fitness and are constantly pushing the limits no matter where you are in your fitness journey!”

Vishesh K