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NEW Cycle Beginning 10/12/2020

We are excited to begin our new training cycle and unveil our new updated class formats!  We will continue to offer two separate tracks of workouts daily but we will now differentiate CrossFit and ProvenFit Tracks (formerly labeled as Black and Green tracks) more clearly. While 1-2 days/week may look similar, more often than not, the ProvenFit Track will vary greatly from the traditional CrossFit programming. You can switch tracks from day to day depending on your preference, as well. Both tracks will run simultaneously each class.

The CrossFit track will have a heavy dose of weightlifting with a secondary focus on metcon (metabolic conditioning/cardio) and skill development.  Skill development includes improving barbell cycling, gymnastic abilities and strategizing for efficiency and performance. We will be using an EMOM (every minute on the minute) format and every class will be formatted to optimize time available.  We will be relying heavily on percentages, so please know yours prior to each class.

*If improving your performance in the sport of CrossFit is your goal, then this is the track for you!

The ProvenFit track will have a general fitness focus with plenty of variety.  Some days will have strength elements followed by aerobic work, while others will have a heavy endurance focus with high volume of full-body functional movements. We will mix in elements of pure strength work and tempo strength work, bodyweight, plyometrics, aerobic training, kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells in various formats to ensure fun, safe and results driven workouts.

*If training for General Health & Wellness is your primary goal, then this is the track for you!

This cycle will last about 12 weeks and will lead us to our final training phase of the year… CrossFit Games Open Prep! Stay tuned for our blog post of preparing for The Open!

If you have any questions or need help deciding which track is right for you, please contact or and we’d be happy to help!

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